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DCC Power up and power down instructions

Power up instructions

( Power down instructions below )
  1. Make sure power cord is plugged in at building source, usually a pillar
  2. Turn on power strip connected to pillar
  3. Turn on large light blue DC power supply ( next to a booster / command station )

    1. Should be able to run trains DC at this point
  4. Command station should be powered up first.
    1. If it is not clear which booster is the command station, a clue is that the programming track is connected to the command station.
  5. Check booster scale switch to make sure it is set to N Scale. This switch is left most of the two switches on the right. diagram

  6. Check booster mode switch to make sure it is set to sleep. This switch is the right most.
  7. Turn on main power switch located on the 110-volt power strip.
  8. Turn on power supply switch located on right side of power supply.
  9. Move booster mode switch up to RUN. This is the switch on the right.
  10. Plug a throttle into Loconet A or B on booster. Throttle should give voltage and then change to the “sel” screen.
  11. Check that track power is on steady. This is the small dot at the top right of the DT400 display. diagram

    Display after PWR button is hit

    To turn track power on, press the power key and then + key until the dot is on steady on throttle and track status light is steady on command post.
    1. If the Track Power Indicator is blinking then the layout is in the “IDLE” state and no locomotives will move. diagram

      To exit this state simply turn on track power again. This is a common issue with new users, and is easy to correct.
  12. Check lights on PM42 DC/DCC selection box. diagram

    There should be only one green light lit after power up. If any of the 4 red lights are lit, check for short circuits most likely on the track. Once corrected, Red light(s) should go out. The short will be located on the blocks and or wiring being powered by this booster.

  13. Move to second black/yellow toolbox mounted booster.
  14. Turn on main 110V power strip.
  15. Turn power supply on.
  16. Check that scale switch is set to N Scale.
  17. Move mode switch to Run.
  18. Track status light on the booster should glow steady.
  19. Only the Green light on the PM42 box ( see picture abouve ) should be lit. If any are red, correct the short and red light will go out.

  20. Move to third booster ( if any ) mounted on Plywood panel.
  21. Proceed as with the second booter

  22. Run trains

Power down instructions

  1. Command station should be shut down last.
  2. Power off booster by moving mode switch from Run to Sleep.
  3. Turn off power supply.
  4. Turn off main 110-volt power strip.
  5. Move to next booster and shut down.
  6. Move to Command station and shut down.