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Club T-TRAK Standards

BANTRAK T Trak modules
BANTRAK follows T-TRAK national standards except for the following differences or extensions:

BANTRAK TTRAK is one of the most active groups in the club. We operate year round in numerous locations. Many of them road trips all around Maryland and beyond. All club members are welcome to take part in the group, though we strongly encourage both sweat equity and having a module (preferably a two footer) by the end of the first year operating with us.

TTrak is a bit different from our NTRAK cousins. While we are both n scale modules, TTrak is more easily suited to doing layouts in very small areas with a reasonable amount of right away. By being smaller they are easier to transport in cars and are easier to build and scenic. Layouts can be put together easy and quickly and be running in less than an hour and tear down just as fast. They are also perfect for beginning modelers looking to start out in the hobby.

But don't be fooled by their simplicity. While they can be undertaken by the beginning modeler, they have something for everyone. Didn't think you could build a POFF, you just gotta build a two foot box. They can be built to a high standard by the expert modeler as well. With such a small space, what would disappear in a larger module pops right out. Furthermore, it can allow someone to experiment in a area outside their normal comfort zone. Want to do a foreign country, or a geographic location, or a different kind of scene than you normally do, you can do so without using up a lot of space. Added bonus is you build enough modules and two pairs of corners, you could have a layout at home as well when we are not running. Think of it, a two track mainline layout on your own kitchen table.

BANTRAK T TRAK follows the national standards for the most part. Where we differ is that our layouts are "built to suit". We are flexible in the fact that we used several different kinds of corners depending on the operational area that we are given at an event. A large area would get use of our larger corners or a larger Jackson Junctions. Although we accept standard TTrak modules, we prefer Two Foot modules as they give a bit more flexibility and a chance for the modeler a bit more real estate to add stuff on. Two footers give a more even right of way as well in layout design.

Other things that we do that tend to differ from a lot of TTrak groups. We tend to like to push the envelope of what TTrak can do. In the past we have undertaken themed layouts, switching districts, and simplified electronics. Also we have had partnerships with other model railroad clubs, such as East Penn Traction Club to run transit and traction oriented layouts (Trolleys, Interurbans, and Subways).

To see some of our modules in action, check out either the BANTRAK newsletter or the TTrak Wiki page