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Welcome to BANTRAK

B&O’s Magical Holiday Express
This is the website of Baltimore Area NTRAK (BANTRAK), the local NTRAK club for the Baltimore area. Here you will find information about who we are, what we do, how to join and additional information about our club.

What's New?

What's New?

Check our events page for our current schedule.


Oct. 21- 24 The NMRA MID-EASTERN REGION MODEL RAILROAD CONVENTION was held in Hunt Valley. Numerous BANTRAK members attended the convention , and in particular clinics were presented by two BANTRAK members, Ethan Bernstein (Introduction to 3D Printing), and Paul Diley (Scratch-building Wooden Truss Bridges). Kudos to BANTRAK member Alan Del Gaudio for his contributions to the formulation and execution of the convention.

The club erected a mid-sized layout (photo) to offer attendies the opportunity to try their hand at a switching session.

N-TRAK Layout at MER

Great Scale Model Train Show Timonium,MD. Oct 2-3 2021

With the reduction in COVID restrictions, BANTRAK participated in the October Great Scale Model Train Show. In reconition of the return of the show, BANTRAK constructed one of the largest layouts we have put together in that venue. The layout streched 60' by 30'. It was difficult to take a picture which gives a true feel for the layout's extent. (photo)

N-TRAK Layout

A major feature of the layout was a multimodule depiction by Paul Diley of the famous 'Horeshoe Curve' in Pennsylvania (photo). It consisted of six curved modules with photographic backdrops depicting the wooded montains around the curve.

Horseshoe Curve Modules

In addition. there was an seperate addon (photo) showing the observation area at the curve that allows railfans to view trains close up.

Horseshoe Curve Observation Area

The club's display area also included a T-Trak layout (photo) with modules from a number of club members new to that modelrailroading implementation

T-TRAK Layout

B&O’s 2020 Magical Holiday Express

B&O’s Magical Holiday Express

Bantrak participated in the B&O’s Magical Holiday Express at the B&O museum in Baltimore. The club erected a large layout (photo) with operating sessions runing from Dec. 17th through Jan 3rd. The public was able to view the highly detailed modules constructed by club members and watch as the members put their prototypical model trains through their paces. Appropriate measures were taken to ensure the safety of the public and club members during the pandemic.


Viaduct module
BANTRAK is the Baltimore Area's NTRAK club since 1983.
( learn more about our history over the years )

We appear at a variety of exhibitions each year, from the giant Great Scale Model Train Show in the State Fairgrounds in Timonium to smaller events in Brunswick MD.
We are always looking for new members and new display opportunities. If you're looking to join us, please check out the Membership Information, and if you'd like to have us appear at your exhibition, make sure to hit the Book BANTRAK link, where you will learn how to have us appear at your event.

Membership Information

members at timonium

BANTRAK has members of all ages experienced in model building, electronics, carpentry and other aspects of this hobby.

Join up to share in our enjoyment of modular N scale model railroading.

Anyone over the age of 18 interested in model railroading is welcome to join BANTRAK. Children of members are invited to join their parents in club activities which are age appropriate

Annual dues is $ per person.   Each member receives a monthly newsletter that contains reports of club events and happenings and articles contributed by individual members.  A portion of the dues is for membership in the NTRAK organization and includes that organization's monthly newsletter.

To learn more about us, the location of our next meeting, setup or membership information, please contact our membership committee person by e-mail.

Download the club brochure including membership application.


as Part of Your Event

BANTRAK at B and O

We are always looking for new exhibition opportunities.  Please contact us if you are interested in having us appear at your event.

An example of a "good fit" would be an event where there is lots of "foot traffic" that is "train friendly".  Our display is a real crowd pleaser and is staffed by courteous and knowledgeable adults who proactively engage the audience.

BANTRAK has an extensive resume' of events, ranging from local malls during the Holiday season  to Railroad Celebrations throughout the region. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, our display can be as large (B&O Museum roundhouse) or as small (local fire station) as you need.  We welcome any opportunity to promote and encourage the wonderful world of model trains. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

What is NTRAK?

sample NTRAK module
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NTRAK is a loose organization based on a set of standards that allows its members to build sections of a model railroad that will all work together when combined to form a layout.

What is oNeTRAK?

Viaduct module

oNeTRAK is a modular subdivision of NTRAK featuring a single track mainline and Digital Command and Control (DCC). The objective of oNeTRAK is to augment and expand NTRAK to allow prototypical modeling and operations on a single-track modular railroad, yet still maintain a degree of compatibility with regular NTRAK modules.

Except for the inclusion of just one mainline, the oNeTRAK modules follow NTRAK specifications. Electrical connections are the same as NTRAK utilizing the standard plug-in connectors but with two fewer sets of plugs. Thus, oNeTRAK modules are compatible with NTRAK modules. oNeTRAK layouts can be configured in loops, point-to-point (using existing NTRAK yards at the terminals), or by utilizing junction modules, as a branch off a NTRAK loop.

What is T-TRAK?

t-trak layout
t trak logo

T-TRAK is based on the Principles of N-TRAK Modules and are Small Wood Bases placed on Table Tops or Shelves. Modules are Simple to build, easily joined together with locking track for electrical power, according to Standards, like all successful systems, for strength, lasting stability and varying in sizes to suit your needs.